Conférence en l'honneur de Martin Costabel pour ses 65 ans
26-30 Aug 2013 Rennes (France)

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We can manage 75 rooms at walking distance from conference venue. For accomodation in student hostels, we benefit from the holiday season, hence calm! We also mention other possibilities, booking in participant's charge.

Accomodation at walking distance, managed by the congress organization

3 possibilities

  1. Cité universitaire Beaulieu - 25 single rooms (freshly renovated with private bathroom). Arrival details
  2. Residence INSA - 20 studios (double rooms with private bathroom).
  3. Hotel Campanile Rennes Est Atalante  - 30 rooms are pre-reserved, 64€/night

Please note

  • Rooms (1.) and studios (2.) will be proposed by personal message to a selection of participants.
  • Rooms (1.) and a part of the studios (2.) will be payed by the congress.
  • For Campanile (3.), please contact us. We can organize booking after validation of your registration fees, in the limit of available rooms.
  • 1., 2., 3. spotted on the Google map  JSA2013map (click the link for a larger map)

Other accomodation (at participant's charge)

  1. Hötel Ibis Rennes Beaulieu** (walking distance 30 mn) Rue du taillis, rue de rennes 35510 - Cesson Sevigne
  2. Citotel le Bretagne** (close railway station) 7 bis place de la Gare, 35000 Rennes
  3. Hôtel Kyriad Rennes Centre** (close railway station) 6 place de la Gare, 35000 Rennes
  4. Le Victoria** (quarter railway station) 35 avenue Janvier, 35000 Rennes
  5. Nemours** (town center) 5 rue de Nemours, 35000 Rennes
  6. Richemont** (town center) 8 rue Dupont des Loges, 35000 Rennes
  7. Angelina** (town center) 1 Quai Lamennais, 35000 RENNES
  8. Hotel des Lices*** (town center) 7, Place des Lices 35000 Rennes
  9. Hôtel Le Sévigné*** (ctown center) 47 Bis Avenue Janvier, 35000 RENNES
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